Our Hands Shape Alderwood

Artist Alexandra Iorgu working with a group of students using clay.
Students ready to explore the clay and materials

The inspiration

I wanted to give people in my community the opportunity to work with clay and reflect on the beauty that surrounds us.

The Result

A collective clay installation permanently displayed at Alderwood Library


Free clay workshops in South Etobicoke community

My Role

Program Curator, community outreach, lead artist

Supported by

Platform A Grant, Art Starts

What makes a community?

Participants were prompted with this question when deciding what to create out of clay. People, pets, homes and playgrounds were some popular choices for children at Sir Adam Beck School. One grade 5 student reflected that, “a community needs acceptance and cooperation so it can be happy and successful”.

Toddler exploring clay at Franklin Horner Early ON
Sculpture installation on display at Alderwood Library


LAMP Early ON, Franklin Horner Community Centre, Sir Adam Beck Public School


Clay, glazes


Over 100 Alderwood residents, children, youth, parents, elders


Spring 2016