I strive to reconnect people to nature through art.

I am using art as a medium to instill the love of nature in children and their families. My belief is that when children have a connection with nature they will grow up to become adults who will protect it. 

For three years, I worked as an Atelierista at the Bishop Strachan School where I was able to intertwine my passion for art and nature with education.

I am currently a member of the teaching staff at Tamarack West Outdoor School where I am learning alongside curious children about the wonders of nature.

Confidence through art

As a child, I was a slow learner. The confidence that I gained from being good at art soon spread to other aspects of my life. I am an advocate for integrated art programs and experiential education.

Nature as the first teacher

I was sculpting with clay before I could read or write. I am strong believer that children have hundreds of languages in which they can express themselves. I am using the Reggio Emilia Approach in my teaching, working as an Atelierista in nature. 

Material workshops

My hands-on workshops are designed to nurture participants’ natural curiosity. Charcoal, clay, ink, paint, wire and plaster provide endless possibilities for self-expression.

Teacher Professional Development

These sessions are giving teachers the confidence needed to lead open ended and expressive art experiences. Children will know how to manipulate the materials with very little instruction. I give suggestions on how to used provocations to draw participants in.

Intergenerational Programs

In my programs hands re-learn what our ancestors once knew, participants share stories and laugh at their mistakes; parents are joining their kids to co-create when invited; youth are quieting down and show respect because there are elders nearby; elders are given space to share about their past and their long journeys, and they are inspired to try something new by the children who experiment playfully nearby.

Program Curator

As a program curator, I am able to provide children the opportunity to discover the magical properties of clay. I curate programs for public, Montessori, and Independent Schools, as well as numerous community schools and art centres.