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The Inspiration

Our footsteps are part of a collective journey on this Earth. With this project, I wanted to help residents of Etobicoke to connect with our community, honour our ancestors and the original people of this land, as well as reflect on how we can create a better future.

The Result

Over 140 clay shoes were made and returned to nature as part of this collective ephemeral art installation.


Project was adapted to be completed remotely. Sculpture kits including one ton of clay and Forest Edge seeds were delivered to Etobicoke families.

My Role

Program Curator, community outreach, lead artist

Supported by

Produced with support from the Toronto Arts Council. #poweredbyTAC


Etobicoke Community


Clay, Forest Edge seeds, and found natural materials. Forest edge seeds were specially mixed for this project. The seeds will grow with our hopes and dreams for the future.


Children, youth, parents, and elders living in the Etobicoke. Participants who identify as members of equity seeking groups were particularly encouraged to apply.


Summer, fall, winter 2020

Learn about the land where you live

Chief Stacey Laforme acted as a friend of this project, providing inspiration for its artistic content. He shared this poems and wisdom with the participants. Chief Stacey Laforme encourages us to restore our connection to the land and to protect it. Listen to his storytelling session about his nation and its relationship to the land.

The power of nature

Left to decompose throughout the fall and winter, the seeds will then grow anew the following spring. This new growth will show nature’s ability to restore itself despite our human impact. Together, we can help nature regain its strength.

Many families made moccasins to honour Chief Stacey Laforme and the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation.

Explore the properties of clay

Clay has been part of human culture for thousands of years! From finding the right tools to making a clay-slip, these videos show you how to explore this grounding material and craft a clay shoe.

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